January 15, 2022 | 5:55pm

Sinead O’Conner honored her late son, Shane O’Conner, during his funeral service by wearing bright colors, as he would’ve wanted.

The singer held a Hindu homegoing service Saturday for her “beautiful” son that was attended by about 50 mourners — including his father Donal Lunny — at Newlands Cross Cemetery and Crematorium in West Dublin, The Daily Mail reports.

O’Conner greets guests in attendance for her son’s funeral.
Mark Doyle / SplashNews.com

O’Conner said of her bright pink sweatsuit that son Shane would’ve “loved it.”

The pop star wore a bright pink sweatsuit that she believes her late son would’ve loved.
Mark Doyle / SplashNews.com

“We just said goodbye to our beautiful angel, Shaney. Very lovely Hindu ceremony. Shane will have loved it,” she shared.

“He was always chanting ‘Om. Shanti.’ I put a few packs of fags in the coffin for him in case there’s none in heaven. He’ll have loved that too. Om. Shanti.’” she said in a light-hearted moment.

O’Conner with late son, Shane.

The teen escaped suicide watch in an Irish hospital the day before taking his own life, the pop star claimed on Twitter shortly after his passing.

The funeral came ahead of another memorial service planned for Sunday.

The songwriter posted last week in response to her son’s death, “My beautiful son, Nevi’im Nesta Ali Shane O’Connor, the very light of my life, decided to end his earthly struggle today and is now with God. May he rest in peace and may no one follow his example. My baby. I love you so much. Please be at peace.”

Over 50 guests attended the Hindu service.
Mark Doyle / SplashNews.com

Thursday, O’Conner herself was hospitalized after tweeting harrowing messages suggesting she planned to “follow” her son.

“I’ve decided to follow my son. There is no point living without him,” she said of Shane in a moment of intense grief. “I only stayed for him. And now he’s gone.”

She later assured fans that she was fine, tweeting “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that … I’m sorry I upset everyone. I am lost without my kid and I hate myself. Hospital will help a while.”