Principal Calls Mom And Says Her Daughter Did Something Terrible. That’s When Mom Turns To Facebook

When a mom in Arizona found out that her daughter would not get in trouble at school for doing something wrong, she turned to Facebook to ask for help.

According to AZ Family, Jeanene Lacasse’s 10-year-old daughter, Anni, was accused of vandalizing a bathroom at Kyrene de la Estrella Elementary School, but she didn’t get in trouble.

Because it was the last day of school, the principal called Lacasse and told her that there would be no way for her to punish Anni for her disappointing behavior.

“I got a call from the principal and was just really disappointed. It’s minor, but still significant to me,” Lacasse said.
That’s when Lacasse decided it was time to ask her friends on Facebook for a little bit of help teaching her daughter a lesson.

“My sweet daughter decided to participate in vandalism on the last day of school. If anyone owns a business and needs or wants a 10-year-old volunteer, let me know,” she wrote.

Almost immediately, requests for Anni’s services came pouring in. Anni now has plenty of volunteer work to get to this summer.
Not only will she be picking up after a lot of dogs, but Anni will also help teachers set up for an engineering summer camp.

“I thought it was a great idea, and she’ll be a big help,” said Ron Hoagland, who helps run the East Valley Engineering for Kids camp.
Although Anni still denies actually participating in the vandalism, Lacasse hopes this summer will teach her a good life lesson about telling the truth and owning up to your mistakes.

“I hope this is a learning lesson for her,” Lacasse said.
Several news outlets have since shared this story on Facebook, where many parents had mixed reactions to Lacasse’s idea.
“Used to do the same thing with young, first time offenders, especially those who liked to shoplift. I brought them to the PD/FD where I worked and had them help for so many hours. Even had one come back when he was 16 and asked for a job reference. I gladly gave it,” one commenter wrote.

“Wait, her daughter did not take part, but is considered “guilt by association ” therefore guilty? She’s 10, do not offer her services up via social media, you may regret who comes calling,” another added.

“Good for this mom. Rather then embarrassing their child on fb, she went the right away about it,” another commenter wrote.

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