Postal Carrier Notices Elderly Man Hasn’t Picked Up Mail In 2 Days, Calls Cops To Check On Him

When a postal carrier named Heather Rae noticed that one man in Barberton didn’t pick his mail up for her as usual for a period of 2 days, she sensed that something was terribly wrong.

She had expected him to be out in his lawn, greeting her and then receiving his daily stack of letters from her. She hollered for him and checked his vehicle, but to no avail. With a call made via the 911 hotline, police and firefighters got into the man’s home via an open window, and found the poor man lying on the floor.

The elderly man had sustained an injury after a fall, and this caused him to be unable to move as he wished. He had been lying on the floor without food or drink for several days – and was at his wits’ end until Heather phoned for help. Thankfully, he’s now on the road to recovery – thanks to an alert mail carrier!

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