Police Were Left Horrified Behind The Reason Why Stepfather Killed 5-Year-Old

McClellan had been married to his wife, Victoria King, for three months and the two had spent the day arguing.

King left her five-year-old daughter, Luna Younger, with McClellan, 25, when she went to work.

McClellan just wanted some peace and quiet, but Luna was hungry.

McClellan tried to get Luna to go play and told her that it wasn’t time for dinner yet.

Luna didn’t leave the room. Instead, she plopped down on the floor and refused to leave!

stepfather kills child
Image Credit: Facebook

McClellan completely overreacted at this point and did the unthinkable.

He grabbed Luna by the shoulder, pinned her to the floor, and stabbed her to death! T

hen, after Luna was dead, McClellan tried to burn Luna’s body to destroy evidence and checked himself into a hotel.

stepfather kills child
Image Credit: Ingham County Sheriff’s Office
He eventually turned himself into police. In court, lawyers on both sides are arguing about whether the murder was first-degree or second-degree.

If McClellan is charged with first-degree murder, he may get life in prison, with a charge of second-degree murder, he would get a lighter sentence.

stepfather kills child
Image Credit: WDTN

I feel like this is a no brainer – he killed the child for asking to eat.

She was innocent, and he stabbed her in cold blood – it is first-degree murder.

Thankfully, the charge was first-degree murder, arson, and first-degree child abuse.

McClellan will be sentenced on August 23. Let us hope that he gets the maximum penalty.

Rest in Peace, Luna. Share away, people.

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