Only $30 Today ($20 Down) for CClean Sh*t With Samsung’s UV Sanitizer and Wireless Charger


As we’re still dealing with a pandemic that has spread worldwide and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, having clean phones, earbuds, and other small goods on hand is never a bad idea right now. Germs must be eliminated. Samsung has the perfect solution for you in this regard, and Woot has already discounted it.

Depending on where you check, the Samsung UV Sanitizer with Wireless Charger is reduced to $29.99, which is roughly a $20 savings. Woot has a limited supply of brand-new, “new” items that are expected to sell out during the coming hours.

The UV-C light that this Samsung UV Sanitizer emits when objects are placed inside the device kills 99% of bacteria and has a broad area of effect. It is advertised as a gadget that can sanitize many kinds of small things, provided they would fit inside and allow it to fully seal, so you are not limited to using it solely for cellphones.

However, if you do use it for gadgets that also happen to support wireless charging, it will do so while sterilizing. It’s kind of cool, yes?

Remember that this device just includes a USB-C cable and not a real charging adaptor. I wanted to let you know since that irritates some individuals. 

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