Now, Chrome users on Android can increase the text size by up to 300%


Google, a leading provider of technology, has added a new zoom function to Chrome pages for Android smartphones. Users of Android smartphones can boost the “zoom” setting on a Chrome page by up to 300% to improve accessibility for mobile users.

All Chrome users do not yet have access to the upgraded feature, but they can download the Chrome beta on their phone or tablet.

The new function will make it easier for consumers to quickly manage the material on Chrome.

According to a report by The Verge, users may boost the text size, photos, videos, and interactive features on mobile web sites by up to 300% with the upgraded capability while maintaining the original design.

By selecting the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser and choosing Settings > Accessibility, users may enable the feature and then change the zoom level to suit their needs.

Google will keep track of the users’ preferences across all websites.

Google is also rolling out a couple of other updates, including a new freehand annotation feature for Google Drive on Android. This feature will let users use their finger or stylus to write on top of PDFs or highlight important text, said the report by The Verge.

The technology company is also offering noise cancellation feature during Google Meet calls on more Android devices.

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