No wedding plans are in the works, but Oscar de la Hoya suggests having sex with girlfriend Holly Sonders “every day and night.”


During the Latin American Music Awards, Oscar la de la Hoya made sultry remarks regarding Holly Sonders’ attractive appearance.

During the Latin American Music Awards 2023, Oscar de la Hoya was candid about the appearance of his girlfriend Holly Sonder. Both of them flaunted amazing beauty, and even the Golden Boy asserted that “everyone” wished they had her physique.The ceremony acted as a platform to bring together musicians, A-listers, and artists and was hosted in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

De la Hoya wore Christian Louboutin’s Dandelion loafers with a square toe and stacked heels while appearing on the red carpet. The suit had a sophisticated blue hue with modern jacket lapels.

Later, the Golden Boy spoke for the cameras on the “El gordo y la flaca” show, the hosts asked him how was his relationship with Holly, as they both looked very much in love and if they “danced reggaeton” every day, in reference their sex life.

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