Navy Confused When They See Lump Floating In Water, Upon Closer Look They All Jump Out

While out on routine patrol, some Sri Lankan naval workers saw something they never expected to see – an elephant had been swept about 10 miles out from shore that was in need of help! When the naval ship approached the elephant, they could see it was having a hard time keeping its head above water. They needed to do something and fast!

It is believed that the elephant got swept out to sea when trying to cross a patch of water in a nearby nature preserve. Officials donned scuba gear and got ropes around the elephant. They were able to drag the elephant safely back to shore, and a wildlife official examined the animal before he was released.

Take a look at this video

Elephants, despite their large size, do float quite well and it isn’t uncommon for people to see elephants in the ocean. This elephant was lucky to have the help of the Sri Lankan Navy get him back to shore! Share away, people.

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