My Boyfriend’s Father Sent Me 300k Then This Happened Between Us

A confused lady who wants to remain anonymous has went to relationship expert on Twitter to seek advice on what to do after her boyfriend’s father sent her 300k after visiting her boyfriend.

In the post revealed by the lady, she visited her boyfriend’s house for two weeks and she was always in the room because she is the shy type but unfortunately on Nov 1st she ran into the boyfriends father at the gate, where he collected her number and shortly after words he sent her 300k.

Shortly afterwards, her boyfriend told her he was running an errand for his dad and this made her notice the house was empty and what went down then is what has got her confused.

She revealed she has sent 100k to her mum and she doesn’t want to leave the house.

What advice do you have for this lady? Do you think she should return the money or stay still stay there in the house?

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