Mom dumps her 1-year old baby in an abandoned house, 10 years later, she returns and discovers the unthinkable

Mom dumps her 1-year old baby in an abandoned house, 10 years later, she returns and discovers the unthinkable

Being a parent means agreeing to care for your child under all circumstances. There are ways of finding alternative accommodation for them if you are unable to provide what they require but, abandoning them puts their life in danger.

That’s what happened to a newborn Russian girl, Liza Verbitskaya, whose mother abandoned her and the conditions she was found living in were unbelievable.

Girl was Crying

A couple was walking down their suburban street in Yaroslavl, a city outside of Moscow, and heard a loud cry coming from an abandoned house. When it continued for several days they guessed something was wrong and decided to call the police.

Police team entered the home and were horrified to see a 1-year-old baby girl lying on a dirty floor. She was found in an empty house which looked as if whoever lived there had moved out and left their baby behind.

Took To Hospital

The baby was rushed to the hospital for examination and doctors said that she had endured a broken hip, and was starving and exhausted. All attempts to reach her parents turned up fruitless, and Liza was going to be taken to a local orphanage and put up for adoption but a woman in the hospital named Inna Nika learned everything about the girl, began spending time with her and brought diapers and toys for her.

Liza was adopted

Inna decided to adopt the baby even though she was the mother of two. After some months, when all formalities were over, Liza finally got a new home and her condition began improving to become a healthy and happy child.

Beauty Queen

While she gained much attention because of her exotic appearance at the school, she began to embrace herself and ignore those people. At the age of 12, Liza became a teen model, after winning several local beauty pageants and even got her first job as a teen model.

The Mother who Left Her

Soon after Liza became well known for being the most beautiful girl in the country, her biological mother attempted to get in touch with her. She was denied access to communicate with her daughter, having lost that right the day that she abandoned her and left her all alone.

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