Modify the default Gmail snooze times in Google Keep, just for fun


I’ve spent the greater part of the last year or so switching between Gmail and third party email choices because Google murdered the best email client of all time and gave us Gmail, which still lacks some of the features I liked so much about Inbox. As Gmail’s user experience has improved and third-party choices have their own drawbacks, I’m mostly back on it for the time being.

Aside from that incident, there is one aspect of Gmail’s default snooze settings that has been bothering me for a while. Because you do it in Google Keep rather than Gmail, it took me much too long to figure out how to adjust the default sleep times in Gmail. in fact.

I assume you folks understand what I’m talking about. The default snooze timings in Gmail are those that provide “Later today,” “Tomorrow,” “This weekend,” and “Next week” as options. You can manually select a date and time using the pop-up as well.

If you like the times they present, they appear like the one below and are quite useful. If you don’t and later decide that you’d prefer your default following day sleep time to be 9AM rather than 7AM, Gmail won’t allow you to change it. You really need to go modify them in Google Keep, Google’s note-taking and list program. I know this sounds so silly.

In order to modify those timings, open Google Keep, select Settings from the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen (on a desktop), and then search for “Reminder Defaults.” If you can believe it, those Reminder Defaults are the times that appear as snooze possibilities in Gmail. Any changes there will take immediate effect in Gmail (with a save in Keep and refresh in Gmail).

The “Evening” Keep time changes your “Later today” time in Gmail, while the “Morning” Keep time changes your “Tomorrow” sleep time. The “This weekend” and “Next week” selections are similarly influenced by the “Morning” time.

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