Man Who Took His Own Mother’s Life Turns Sobs In Court As Judge Says 2 Words

A video is blowing up on the internet after a man thought that the best way to handle frustrations with his mom is to stab her to death. Unfortunately for this killer, he learned very fast that actions have consequences and now he is on trial – and as he stands in front of the court, he breaks down into tears after the judge said 2 devastating words.

Even though family friends say that Blake Jefferson, 22, and his mother Dedre Jefferson were having a great time together with some friends, things must have taken a deadly turn once everyone left. As the woman was talking on the phone with her mother, Jefferson’s grandmother, Blake pull out a knife and went crazy.

Police explain that as the woman was expressing worry over her son’s state, Jefferson whipped out a knife and stabbed his mother several times for reasons unknown. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the murderous punk left his mother’s corpse in the garage before fleeing the scene on account of what he had done.

Jefferson reportedly broke into a neighbor’s house where he attempted to hide from responding officers but was eventually found. As one would imagine, he was arrested and brought in on murder charges – but that’s only where the bad news begins for the thug.
As seen in the video taken during his first appearance in court, the killer broke down into a blubbering crybaby as soon as he learned how serious things were. Although the news report below says he was initially held “without bond,” according to reports, the judge later remanded him on “$50,000 bond” — an amount he likely won’t be able to afford.

After being told that he’d be spending quite a bit of time locked in a cage, Jefferson turned around as he was being escorted out and broke down into tears. Twelve family members also showed up to court in support of the murderer and could also be heard crying at the time as well.
Currently, it is believed that Jefferson snapped on account of mental illness, but only time will tell if that’s the case or just a desperate cover story. In the end, this man killed another person – more specifically, the woman who gave him life – which needs to be dealt with accordingly.

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