Man And Cop Climb On Top Of The Police Car After Coming Under Attack

A police officer and a citizen in El Reno, Oklahoma ended up seeking shelter on the top of a police car! The man was being chased by two pit bulls when the officer arrived. According to the Tribunes’ Ray Dyer, the man was screaming and running backward while trying to use a jacket to keep the dogs away.

Canadian County Deputy Barrett Storm got out of the car and helped the man up onto the hood just in time! Storm used his baton to keep the aggressive dogs near the car until animal control showed up. Storm banged the baton on the car when the dogs seemed like they were going to wander off.

Take a look at this image

pit bulls attack man and cop
Image Credit: El Reno Tribune via KFOR

Neither man was injured, and no one was bitten during the incident. The dog’s owner was cited for allowing the dogs to wreak havoc and run free. Share away, people.

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