Little Boy Tells His Teacher Something Shattering About His Dad. So, The Teacher Calls Home To Investigate.

It’s not uncommon for a teacher to have a special connection with a specific student, or multiple students. Depending on the subject matter, or just the overall personality of the teacher, there is always that one student that feels special and like they really received the attention and guidance they needed to get through.

One teacher has not only has dedicated her life to helping children reach their full potential, but she’s also saved the life of a parent as well.

Nancy Bleuer is a preschool teacher at Washington Charlie Brown Preschool and Childcare, and she truly is one of a kind. When a student of hers named Camden mentioned his father’s failing health, she knew she had to get more information.

As it turned out, Camden’s father Darreld Peterson found out that he had renal kidney failure, and that his kidney was only functioning at 20%. He was quickly put on Dialysis, but would need a new kidney if he wanted to regain his health. He was put on the waiting list for a donor, but the only option he had fell through, and he was growing worried.

After hearing Camden mention his father’s situation in school, Nancy reached out to Darreld to see if she could help. “When she found out, she started doing the paperwork immediately.” Darreld recalled.

Fortunately, Nancy was a match! The preschool teacher was “ecstatic”, and of course, so was Camden’s father. “It’s just amazing. There are people waiting every day for a kidney, for an organ in general. I wish there were more people like her. She’s giving me a second chance at life.” Darreld said.

Nancy’s selfless act was not only appreciated by Darreld, but by his 4-year-old son as well. He knows that his teacher is helping to save his father’s life!

“She’s an amazing lady and from day one she was gungho. Camden gets the idea that Ms. Nancy is helping his dad.” Darreld said.

The incredible teacher is just happy to help, however. “It’s good to know that I’ll be able to go to Camden’s high school graduation one day and talk about this and think, ‘Well, that was crazy.'” she said.

The surgery is scheduled for the beginning of June at the University of Iowa Hospital. We wish Nancy and Darreld a successful and speedy recovery, and we’re sure Camden will be happy to have his dad feeling healthy again.

It is so inspiring to know that there are people in the world like Nancy, who are not only amazing educators who care about the future of our children, but would go out of their way to help save a life.

What do you think of this story? Would you ever consider donating an organ to someone you barely know?

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