Kate Middleton says Prince George is an expert at tying ties


Prince George is developing quickly!

Kate Middleton said her 9-year-old son is reaching a significant milestone by tying his own tie for his new school uniform as she was out and about in Wales on Tuesday.

Princess Kate, 40, spoke with children during her first trip to the nation since she and her husband Prince William were crowned Prince and Princess of Wales. She also praised a boy’s school attire.

Hi! Kate reportedly questioned the young boy if he tied his own tie and was suitably impressed when he said yes.

“Good work, you. I taught George how to tie a tie because he now needs to do so in order to attend school, she stated. “Congratulations! You did a great job.

For Prince George, who entered as a new student at Lambrook School in Windsor with his siblings Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince Louis, 4, the beginning of the new school year was particularly noteworthy.

On a sample day with their parents and sister on September 7, the brothers wore the Lambrook boys’ summer uniform, which included a plaid button-down and shorts. But, when the weather becomes colder, George will need to wear a tie with the normal day uniform. Yet until he enters third grade, his younger brother is free from wearing a tie!On September 19, George attended his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth’s funeral wearing a tie and a navy blue suit.

It’s possible that the clothing was picked to match his father Prince William’s Royal Air Force uniform. For the solemn event at Westminster Abbey, the new Prince of Wales donned his military uniform, which included a Garter ribbon with RAF pilot’s wings and the Garter Star Chest Order.

Locals in Wales told PEOPLE that Prince William and Princess Kate left a lasting impression on people who waited in line to see them earlier this week.Rev Steven Bunting, who hosted the couple at St Thomas’s Church in Swansea, told PEOPLE it meant so much that the senior royals visited as quickly as they did. The couple traveled to Wales as soon as possible after the Queen’s death on September 8, where they lived as newlyweds.

William and Kate were married by King Charles III the day after the Queen’s death. made Prince and Princess of Wales. At the request of the new monarch, the royal family mourned until a week after her funeral, which took place on September 19.

“He’s throwing himself into the new role,” Bunting says of Prince William’s energy during the visit. “The fact that they came here right on the first day says it all.”

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