Kanye West claims he will abstain from speaking, drinking, and having sex for 30 days as part of a “verbal fast.”


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The “30 Day Clean” initiative has been introduced by Kanye West.

West was recently allowed to use Twitter again after Elon Musk assumed control of it after he was banned for making anti-Semitic comments.

West wrote on Twitter on Thursday, “I haven’t spoken to nobody for a month.”

Moreover, he posted a picture of a small note that stated, “I’m conducting a 30 day cleanup. verbally quick. No alcoholic beverages. No adult movies. Nothing sexual.We thank God. Amen.”

West completed his sentence by saying, “But my Twitter is still lighted,” giving the impression that his verbal fasting may be restricted to physical contacts.

Due to West’s anti-Semitic comments, Adidas stated last week that it was discontinuing its collaboration with him. As a result, the rapper lost his billionaire title forbes over night.

According to West, “Jewish people own the black voice” and “the Jewish community, particularly in the music industry… will take them from us and milk us until we die,” in an interview with the drinking champs Podcast on October 15, “Jewish media” and “Jewish Zionists” are to blame for a number of alleged wrongdoings.West also sparked controversy by claiming George Floyd died from the drug fentanyl and that a police officer’s knee was “not even that on his neck.”

The mother of Floyd’s daughter is now suing West for $250million (£224million) over his claim.

Musk, meanwhile, has said that Twitter restored the rapper’s account before he finalized his takeover of the social media platform.

West is currently in the process of buying alternative messaging platform Parler, which promotes itself as an unbiased platform and is popular with prominent conservative voices in the US.

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