Improved PIN Privacy Feature for Android 14


According to Mishaal Rahman’s tireless code exploration, new information about Android 14 is being revealed before its official unveiling. According to the most recent information, Android 14 will probably have a new security option dubbed Improved PIN Privacy in the Screen Lock menu.

When turned on, the setting will prevent any animations from playing while the user enters a PIN. As a result, if someone is maybe watching you from behind, they will find it more difficult to figure out what your PIN is. The new Screen Lock settings menu is shown below for your viewing pleasure.

On a Pixel 6 Pro, the QPR3 Beta 2 release of Android 13 was where this functionality change was originally discovered. Go to your security area and try to spot it yourself if you’re flashing those builds. It’s pretty much a given that this functionality will be in Android 14, either in one of the DP/Beta variants or at the official launch.

When using public transit or something similar, this is a handy small function. These days, you can never be too careful.

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