If you think this is a photo of a grandmother holding her grandson, take a closer look again

Not everything is always as it seems, right?

Just look at the realistic sculptures below, created with such incredible precision that it is difficult to distinguish between them and real people.

Here is a collection of the most impressive works of art from a hyper-realistic sculpture exhibition held between 1973-2016 at the Bilbao Museum of Art in Spain.

No, it’s not a real homeless man lying there

The sculpture, which consists of silicone and real hair, was made by Peter Land from Denmark

Pay attention to the details on the woman’s feet, and the nails and face. Amazing, no?

Her feet look frighteningly real.

And look at the figure below.. The details are so realistic, it’s crazy!

All the ‘people’ in the exhibition are made of silicone.

One of the more famous sculptures is ‘Grandma with Grandson’, by Sam Jinx from Australia.

Jinx worked as an astronomer and also as a silicone artist in the film industry.

He is known for his amazing details in human sculptures, as he works on creating silicone figures of different ages to show how fragile human beings can be.

And what an amazing job he did, agree?

‘General Twin’ by the american Carol A.Foreman is another masterpiece.

Early in her career, Foreman occasionally used water in search of inner harmony.

Look what amazing drops of artificial water are on the model. impressive!

Zarco Basski from Macedonia, focuses on life challenges through ’emotional and intense models’.

‘Ordinary Man’ was built between the years 2009-2010 and is made of fiberglass, silicone and polyester.

Amazing, no?

What do you think of these sculptures? We were very impressed with the amazing talent of these artists!

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