If Lewis Capaldi’s Tourette’s syndrome gets worse, he might consider giving up music.


All of the fans who attended the Scottish musician Lewis Capaldi’s concert in Frankfurt, Germany, had a special remembrance of the event. Due to the Tourett syndrome he has, the performer became afflicted in the middle of the concert with a number of tics and odd movements that he was unable to control. This prevented him from continuing with his famous song “Someone You Loved,” so the 15,000 in attendance had to tuck him in and finish the song themselves.

The musician said he would have to stop playing music if his health got worse since he didn’t want his performances to seem horrible.

It’s a strange situation, he told The Times, because I can be fine for months at a time without anything happening to me when I’m not making music.

“For the moment, the trade-off is worthwhile, but if it reaches a point where I’m harming myself permanently, I’ll stop.

“I detest exaggeration, but it’s extremely likely that I will have to pack music in,”

“At the time, I was scheduled to embark on a number of tours, so I invited them over to hang out. Enjoy my success, hehe! I saw it as my victory lap and a pat on the back,” he remarked. A neurological condition called Gilles de la Tourette syndrome (sometimes known as Tourette syndrome or TS) first appears in children.

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