If Britney Spears deletes Instagram once more, she advises her followers not to “call the cops.”


If Britney Spears ever decides to cancel her Instagram account in the future, she has warned her admirers not to “call the cops.”

In January, the singer of the hit song “Toxic” abruptly shut her Instagram account, which led several of her followers to call the police out of concern for her welfare. Because of a sense of caution, deputies went to her house and found that she was not in any danger.

Days after reactivating her account, Britney addressed the issue while showcasing two outfits she received in an Instagram video on Tuesday night.

Thus, she advised her followers, “I just want you to know that if I shut down my Instagram, please not call the police.”

In the video, the 41-year-old sprinted back and forth across the bedroom while holding the garment and shouting, “Never be a rollercoaster!” She talked with an odd Australian accent and appeared out of breath.

She stated in the caption, “Keep it modest out there, everyone! Hello, Mom and Dad. Have you heard that I am a star now? Keep going, people.”

Britney previously informed her followers that phoning the cops to check on them was “too far.”

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