I refused to give up my plane seat for a baby – and other passengers still said I was too nice to the mum


A WOMAN has received messages of support online after she revealed how she refused to move seats to let a mother have a seat for her baby.

The traveller, whose name is Michelle, was flying to Las Vegas with her husband for her honeymoon when the mother asked if she would move.


Michelle was unable to move to let the mother have a spare seat for her childCredit: tiktok.com/@michelleag12

The parent hadn’t booked an extra seat for her child, who was young enough to sit on mum’s lap for the journey, but she wanted to be able to put him down.

Michelle was asked if she could find another seat to sit in to allow the mother to have room to put her son down for the five-hour journey from Los Angeles.

Although Michelle searched for a seat, none were available so she eventually had to refuse.

Flight attendants stuck up for Michelle, despite the mum getting angry, creating an awkward atmosphere for the entire journey.

In a video on Tiktok Michelle (@michelleag12) said: “The mum looked at me and asked if they could have my seat for the baby to sit in so we can all sit together.

“Usually with babies that young, you don’t have to pay for a seat for them, they can just sit on their parents’ lap, but she wanted him to have my seat so she wouldn’t have to carry him for five hours.

“I hesitated because I was sitting close to my husband and I didn’t want to get up, but I also felt bad because her baby was fussy.

“The flight was ready to take off. I got up and I saw one seat left at the very back of the plane, in the last row.

“There was a guy sitting back there and I went up to him and asked if I could sit in the spare seat, but he explained that he had booked two seats for himself so he wouldn’t have anyone sitting next to him.

“I went back to my seat and told the lady there were no empty seats, but she already had the baby down and all of his stuff out, including his snacks and his blanket and everything.

“She got mad at me. She did not want to move her baby and I had to call a flight attendant over and tell her what was going on. The flight attendant told her she had to move her stuff because it was in my seat.

“I had to spend the whole flight with them giving me an attitude for the next five hours.”

Michelle received a lot of messages of support from people online, who said the mother should have prepared more and booked an extra seat if she wanted her child to have one.

One wrote: “You did more than enough! I don’t know why some people feel so entitled.”

Another said: “Other people’s kids aren’t your problem. People need to realise that.”

A cabin crew member even joined in and added: “As a flight attendant, I would have been SO loud in shaming them.

“It helps stop their huffing later. Like MAAM. YOU’RE TAKING HER SEAT, YOU HAVE TO MOVE!”

Meanwhile, this Ryanair passenger divided people when he refused to move for a mother with a young child.

And this is why you normally aren’t allowed to move to the back of the plane, even if the seats are empty.


The mother had to fly with the baby sat on her lap because she didn’t book an extra seat (stock image)Credit: Alamy

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