Here’s What Your Blood Type Reveals About Your Character

The human character is pretty mysterious. Although science has tried to identify different traits from a number of angles, they haven’t all been quite successful. One recent study, however, has shown that our personality may not be written in the stars, but our blood type instead.

Masahiko Nomi is a Japanese scientist who led the study and managed to discover that our character traits are greatly influenced by our blood type. Here’s what he discovered:

Blood Type: A

Blood type A is the most common blood type in the world – nearly 40% of the world’s population has it. People can be either A+ (positive) or A- (negative).

People with blood type A are organized and rational, and as a result, they can control their emotions unlike others. They are perfectionists and when they set their mind onto something, you better believe they will reach their goals. They are very detail-oriented and pretty stubborn as well. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it can’t do anything to these people – in fact, curiosity is what drives them forward.

Finally, these people live by their own rules and don’t want or need drama in their life. They might come off arrogant to some, but that’s just because they’re reserved and deeply sensitive.

Blood Type: B

About 11% of the world’s population has this blood type. These people have an impulsive and unpredictable character but are also very charming, enthusiastic, and kind. They invest their heart and soul into everything and are great adventurers as well.

Their only negative side is the fact that they’re selfish and unpredictable. You just can’t know their next step, which can be troubling.

Blood Type: 0

Blood type 0 is the most common blood type in the world, appearing in 45% of the world’s population. These people can be described as cautious, committed, responsible, and punctual, which makes them more responsible than others. They are trustworthy and always finish what they started.

However, their cautiousness is the thing that drags them down. These people like to play things safe at all times, and as we all know, sometimes we should take a risk in order to achieve our goals.

Blood Type: AB

This blood type is pretty rare, with only 4% of the world’s population carrying it. These people are sociable, confident, and ambitious, which makes them great leaders. They can lead people to glory and always try to be the best versions of themselves.

On the other hand, they tend to be a bit reserved and mysterious. They are also pretty empathetic, another trait that may get in the way of their leadership.

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