Here’s The 7-Year-Old’s Rendition Of ‘How Great Thou Art’ That Everyone Is Talking About

The internet is in love with this very talented 7-year-old, who totally slayed “How Great Thou Art” in church.
The video, no surprise, went viral.

Marleigh Miller’s poise, confidence, and killer voice are proof positive that the girl is definitely going places. In the video, taken in 2011, the piano begins to play the introduction as the little girl holds a microphone preparing to sing.

No one could expect what happens next, as she sweetly begins the song. You definitely wouldn’t expect a little child to have such a mature and beautiful voice, but she’s hitting every note, clearly feeling the song’s message, and easily nailing all the big, high notes in the piece.

Miller is now 13, but the viral attention of this video has gotten some eyes on her other amazing covers on her YouTube channel, including Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus, Take The Wheel” and LeAnn Rimes’ “Blue.”

Miller continues to post YouTube videos, with recent additions including a Mother’s Day song she sang in church and a cover of American Idol star David Cook’s song “Time of My Life” during a sports banquet.

Commenters were blown away by the little girl’s impressive pipes, with notes on her YouTube video including: “beautiful voice,” “she has such a mature voice for a 7 year old,” “You have a simply amazing voice, God bless you,” and “amazing she is so good and she is so cute.”
Another noted: “This is by far my favorite version of this song. She’s wonderful!!”

Still another person hoped that more young talented people like Miller could make others know about their gifts, writing: “she really talented I support kids and I never heard a beautiful voice like she has. Wow we would love to have her on our website; we support kids and help them get out there.”

One commenter advised: “Marleigh your parents should get you in children’s choir because you can sing good & man you can hold your notes please don’t stop you are amazing child. God bless you, keep up the good sweety.”

This commenter was surprised anyone could ‘dislike’ the video (honestly, who does that?), writing: “Someone must have hit the dislike button on accident while they were trying to like this.”

Another compared Miller to Carrie Underwood, commenting: “Carrie Underwood sings this ALMOST as well… They need to duet..!!!” That’s some serious high praise!

Those commenting on’s coverage of the video noted: “Gave me the chills!! Amazing!!,” “Goosebumps….my Grandmothers favorite…she did it well,” “Amazing young voice,” and “She is Amazing! Such a God given talent. Keep singing, you touch lots of people with your singing voice & that great song.”

Others commented: “What an amazing job, precious one!! You are truly a gift from God! Please continue to share your beautiful voice with others!!,” “Love that song, she is very good she keeps up the good work she can reach souls where others can’t. God bless,” and “Gave me goosebumps all over! Absolutely amazing voice and gorgeous sweet girl! Would love to listen to her on CD every day!”

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