Here is a video of the Google Pixel Fold folding


According to rumors, the Google Pixel Fold will make an appearance at Google I/O and go on sale a month after that. Although I’m still not sure I’m completely sold on the launch date, don’t be shocked if Google gives us a lot of information on its first foldable in a few weeks. The numerous leaks that are now in circulation, including this one that purports to show the device folding and unfolding, are part of the reason you should get ready for an event.

The Pixel Fold is shown in the hands of someone who then opens and closes the gadget to demonstrate the internal display, exterior display, and how its hinge works in this brief video uploaded by Kuba Wojciechowski to Twitter.

I think the Pixel Fold has a lovely appearance when it is closed. It has the same folding form factor as OPPO, but is wider and shorter, making it possibly simpler to use while closed than Samsung’s enormously tall Galaxy Fold range.

If anything, this should aid us in choosing a system that we prefer or that we can use both inside and outside the home for longer periods of time. Because you frequently use a foldable’s cover display when you are moving or need a quick phone call.

Although this specific device is a little rough around the edges, when the Pixel Fold is opened up, it resembles early renders. Pay attention to the bottom.This item appears to be barely held together at the hinge location. There’s just so much empty space there that I’m already worried about durability. If I’m being completely honest, this reminds me of how rough the first Galaxy Fold was.

There is no avoiding the Pixel Fold’s inner display’s wide bezels in the bezel department. Because bezels function well on a tablet, if you’ve ever used one, you should be comfortable with them. Bezels are useful because holding a large screen device demands a lot of thumb support. I actually don’t mind seeing some bezel as this unfolds to a small tablet. Again, I’m concerned about hinge area at the bottom that is already telling me how much it hates sand and water.

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