Guy At Work Discovers an Old Tattered Wallet Opens It Revealing Mysterious Items Over 70 Years Old

It seems like the most common misplaced things these days are your keys, cell phone and of course your wallet. This happens to everyone, even to some of us multiple times per day! There a certain heart dropping into your stomach feeling when you reach in your pocket and one of these items isn’t there and you can’t remember where the heck you put it down. Once you realize the item is gone, you go into a furious panic search and the anxious feeling doesn’t go away until after you find it.

Then you breathe in a deep sigh of relief and promise yourself you will never forget again.. That is until it happens again the next day!

Out of the 3 items above, the wallet is probably the worst to lose because all your credit cards, id’s and of course money is in there. Having to go through the agonizing process of cancelling credit cards, replacing your id’s and of course not being able to recover the cash inside makes this loss particularly devastating.

This brings us to today’s fascinating story about a lost wallet that had been found. A man named Larry Sloane from Nevada, and the owner and operator of The Talent Factory Comedy Club stumbled a cross an ancient looking wallet while he was working on some renovations. Larry and his good friend were up on the third floor figuring out how they were going to renovate when they noticed something a bit out of place in between some old floorboards.

The two decided to open it up, to figure out whose wallet it was so they could hopefully get it back to the person. They opened it up and were stunned to find items they never could’ve even imagined.

The first thing they noticed were Food Stamps, however these weren’t any old food stamps they were dated back during World War 2! The were amazed and continued to look through the relic. The second thing they came across was an old worn out Boy Scout card.

Next, old photos were pulled out, a lot of them were so worn out that you couldn’t really make out the faces or what the pictures even were. However, some of them were pretty clear and you could see what looked like old family photos.

Their curiosity and imaginations began to run wild. The thought, how old was this wallet? Who did it belong to? How did it get here on the 3rd floor of The Talent Factory Comedy Club? They would soon get the answer when they pulled out a vintage personal calendar from 1944! This discovered wallet had been lost for more than 70 years!

They still didn’t know who the wallet belonged to but they would soon find out it was a man named Clare McIntosh. They wondered if he was still alive and they would find him. Somehow after picking up all the lost clues they found Clare who was now 85-years-old and he was as stunned as they were by their incredible find!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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