Georgia Girl Snaps Selfie In The Woods, People FREAK Over What’s Behind Her

A Georgia family was on a fishing trip to celebrate 12-year-old Kolton Ogletree’s birthday when his 13-year-old sister snapped a selfie in the woods that has since gone viral. In the photo, Haley Ogletree is seated in the back of the family’s truck. However, what’s behind her has people freaking out.
In the now viral photo, Haley smiles at the camera as her brother bends over behind the truck, loading a tackle box onto the flatbed. However, if you look closely, you can see another man’s face in the reflection of the vehicle’s rear window.

The African American man appears to be standing just inches from Kolton’s face as he loads the tackle box onto the truck. But Kolton insists there was no one there at the time. What’s more, the entire Ogletree family, including Haley, Kolton, their mother Jessica, and the children’s grandparents, all claim that no one else was with them while they were fishing in the back ponds of Paradise Georgia.

Take a look at the eery figure which appears to be some sort of apparition in Haley’s photograph below.

Thirteen-year-old Haley aspires to become a photographer when she grows up, so her mother posted the eery photograph to Facebook. “FB FRIENDS CHECK THIS OUT! This picture was taken by my 13-year-old daughter earlier today at Paradise (the fishing place) in Tifton, Ga. Notice my son Kolton in the background and then notice the gentleman standing to his right!!! Ya’ll this gentleman was NOT with them today and there was no one else at these back ponds where they were fishing!” she wrote with the image.

“The only people there today were Haley, Kolton, and their grandparents Dennis and Vera Balder,” explained Jessica Ogletree. “Haley was going back through her pictures and saw this and needless to say freaked out and called me lol! I personally think it’s pretty cool because today is Kolton’s birthday and he caught the biggest fish he’s ever caught! It looks like the man is happy for him!”

According to WALB, Haley’s photo has already been shared more than 2,000 times and it has received more than 1,000 reactions. Comments on the original post range from skepticism to sheer belief in it being a ghost photobombing the selfie. Despite being scared by what she found, though, Haley has enjoyed seeing what people are saying on Facebook.

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