Game Super Resolution on Snapdragon Could Revolutionize Mobile Gaming


Game Super Resolution (Snapdragon GSR), a component of Snapdragon’s Elite Gaming portfolio of technologies, was unveiled by Qualcomm today. It is expected to boost the performance and battery life of mobile games like Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy, Farming Simulator 23 Mobile, and others.

GSR for Snapdragon is what it stands for.

The press announcement from Qualcomm, which at times reads like a foreign tongue, describes GSR as a “single pass spatial aware super resolution technique” created to offer super scaling quality with the best efficiency. As previously said, there are a variety of upscaling procedures, each of which comes with a drawback in exchange for the higher resolution. Fast performance and high output quality in a single pass are the objectives of GSR.

When this is made available on mobile games, users like me and you should be able to notice four things: higher resolution while maintaining high visual quality of graphics, higher frame rates for slicker gameplay, better battery life due to lower power consumption, and higher visual fidelity while maintaining high frame rates.

Simply put, 30 fps (frames per second) games can become 60+ fps games and 1080p games can become 4K games without hurting your battery life. So let’s go.

Later this year, it’s anticipated that mobile games and XR items supporting GSR will go on sale. We’ll be monitoring this closely.

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