Frustrated Homeowner Created Strange Christmas Display, Gets Attention Of Law Enforcement

In Simpsonville, South Carolina, a man is tired and frustrated with all the nonsense going on in this country. So instead of just being vocal about his opinion, he chose to make a strong choice with a Christmas light display that some people think is a little weird.

Of course he expected a little bit of publicity but he never anticipated the amount of attention from police officers – and now he’s needs your help.

Kevin Dunn made the choice to no longer just put Santa and his reindeer on his Christmas display. With an action that some would say is inspiring, he’s decided that he wants to use his Christmas decorations and display to show appreciation to law enforcement officers around the nation this holiday season, and now he’s getting national attention because of it.

“[I] came up with the idea shortly after Greenville Officer Alan Jacobs lost his life,” Dunn said, according to Thin Blue Line HQ. “I didn’t know him, but it hit me hard.”

Unfortunately, Officer Jacobs was killed in April when he and another officer attempted to talk to a teenager who had recently got out of prison. Once Dunn heard the tragic news, he wanted to do something to make a difference, as a son of a police officer. He’s asking citizens across America to join his movement, “A Blue Christmas,” by using blue lights and decorations to say “Thank You” to law enforcement officers and to pay tribute to those who have fallen during the line of duty.

“Swap out a porch or garage light or two,” Dunn said, according to Live 5. “Or if you decorate for Christmas like I do, add some blue lights to your display and show your support.”

If by changing the color of your holiday decorations to blue can both celebrate Christmas and honor law enforcement, it sounds like a great idea. Although it may be too late for most of us to completely decorate our homes in blue this year, we can all go out and buy one simple blue light bulb for our porch lights and perhaps next year we can have a powerful message spread to every cop in our country. They deserve it, and if you agree, prove it by showing it.

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