Fans Claim Richard Dean Anderson ‘Doesn’t Look Like’ Himself at 73 – He Is ‘Silver Fox’ Now & Has an Actress Daughter


Fans claim Richard Dean Anderson, who played MacGyver in 1985’s “MacGyver,” “doesn’t look like him[self]” at 73.

The actor cried when he learned that he would be a father.

His daughter is following in his career footsteps.

Actor Richard Dean Anderson, famous for playing the lead role in the series “MacGyver,” showed fans what he looked like at age 73. The star played the role of Angus MacGyver from 1985 until 1993.

On May 29, 2023, a fan named Natalie Grünig took to her Facebook account to share several images of her posing with Richard at FedCon. The pictures showed Grünig getting her memorabilia signed, posing with the actor, and a video of the star onstage.

Richard Dean Anderson as Angus MacGyver on season 3 of "MacGyver" on November 2, 1987 | Source: Getty Images

The fan revealed that meeting him, her “childhood hero,” was a dream come true. She described him as loving and sympathetic and noted that he had the same spirit in real life as in “MacGyver.”

Richard was now gray-haired and looked much older with the same hairstyle he had in the series. However, he seemed to be aging gracefully, and judging by the image; he was fun and welcoming.

Fan comments on a Facebook group picture of Richard Dean Anderson at age 73 in Malibu on May 20, 2023 | Source: Facebook/Chile of the 80's & 90's

Days before, on May 17, 2023, the celebrity showed off his current look in a video announcing his Comic-Con Prague attendance. This time his salt-and-pepper-colored hair was windblown and more visible, and he seemed lively and well.

Three days after the clip went up, the Chile of the 80s & 90s Facebook group shared other photos of Richard out and about. His images of him looking rugged while carrying a shopping bag were compared to his intense and younger look when he was MacGyver.

Fans rushed to praise him for looking good at his age, while others thought he didn’t look like his old self. One person wrote, “His features have changed,” before noting how great he was as an actor and wished him “a comfortable retirement,” and someone agreed, while someone else said:

“Certainly doesn’t look like him.”

Another follower noted how “even MacGuy[v]er” couldn’t “escape old age” but felt he was “holding out well though.” Someone else thought Richard “still got it” before describing him as a “silver fox now” and reminding everyone that he’d starred in “Stargate,” with another fan writing:

“[He’s] still handsome.”

Another person agreed with the previous one, sharing how the actor was still the “handsome big brother.” A Facebook user added that the star looked “good, ” revealing that they never missed “MacGyver.”

While Richard loved playing MacGyver, there was a role that he cherished more than his career – fatherhood. The actor discovered he would be a first-time father in a unique way and took the part head-on.

Why Did Richard Become Emotional after Learning about His Baby?
Richard was known as a ladies’ man, but by October 1998, he was infatuated with only his daughter, Wylie Quinn Annarose Anderson. He and Apryl Prose, then 32, his girlfriend of two years, welcomed their child on August 2, 1998.

The actor doted on his child and revealed that he took over diaper changing when he returned home from work. He loved doing it, including burping and feeding his baby girl, but this was out of character for someone who dated some of the most beautiful women.

None of his previous relationships lasted because he ended them abruptly and moved on to someone else when he thought he was becoming “too involved.” Now a father, he said he was in a perpetual state of cringing when thinking about those days.

Prose had heard about his track record and thought he was one of those actors who still couldn’t commit in their 40s, and he was someone she wouldn’t have dated. However, in 1996, Richard’s business partner and her friend, Michael Greenburg, set them up on a date.

They met for lunch in New York City and immediately started flirting, and by the end of the week, they were good friends. However, Prose doubted his commitment and called her mother, confessing she’d met someone she wished to spend her life with.

Richard Dean Anderson posing for a photo shoot on July 11, 1989 | Source: Getty Images

She asked her mother not to tell anyone about him because he had a bad reputation. They courted through their long-distance, and by the end of the year, Richard claimed to have not cheated, with Greenburg noting how he’d seen their connection from the beginning.

In November 1997, Prose called the actor, telling him she was three weeks pregnant, and he asked her to stay calm as the change would be great. Richard said he’d always wanted to be a father, and when the call came, the reality hit him, and he started crying!

The actor bought all the parenting books he could find, and while in Los Angeles for the summer, he willingly went along with Prose to a yoga labor-prep course! The star and Prose discussed having more children but never mentioned marriage.

Having been a playboy, Richard wasn’t rushing for his daughter to grow up because any man who wanted to date her would need to be “careful.” By 2022, the celebrity was said to be single after seven years of a relationship with Prose, whom he separated from in 2003.

The star’s daughter is 25, and in the last ten years, he’d taken fewer acting roles and opted to travel in his Minnesota home state, Vancouver, or Los Angeles. It was revealed he was staying in Malibu in a Midwest-style home he’d helped build and design.

In 1996, Richard confessed to having lived selfishly and disappeared in northern Minnesota’s woods. He admitted it being hard to find a partner who’d go along with his behavior until he met Prose, who understood him.

The actor got more domestic and started renting a house in Los Angeles after having been without a permanent address for a while. He noted how he’d neglected his family and parents, Jocelyn and Stuart Anderson, because of his reclusive ways.

In May 2020, Richard [Dean Anderson] showed what a proud father he was…
Richard fixed his mistake by spending the previous summer with his parents and three brothers in a northern Minnesota cabin and his Los Angeles home. When Jeff, Tom, and Jim Anderson were with their older brother, they became “maniacal little boys again.”

The actor never had more children, and nor did he marry. Richard’s daughter was now an adult and had taken after her mother in the looks department, but she’d also mimicked her father in another way.

Who Is the Richard’s Daughter?
Wylie, turning 25 in 2023, had followed her father’s career footsteps by becoming an actress. According to her website, she acted in Los Angeles and was a writer, director, and producer.

According to his Instagram page, Wylie seemed close to her father. Richard often posted photos of his daughter on the social media platform, like in September 2017, when he uploaded a cute image of her as a child cuddling up to him while riding in a car.

The star revealed that he’d dropped off his daughter at the airport that day and already missed her. That December, he shared a photo of Wylie staring off into the distance while wearing Christmas-themed clothes.

In May 2020, Richard showed what a proud father he was when he shared his daughter’s graduation picture from Emerson College. At the time, Wylie had graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Education and Performance, specializing in acting, directing, writing, and improvisation.

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