Fall Detection for Pixel Watch


I’m not sure who asked for this specifically, but your Pixel Watch can now recognize the fall season. The turning of the leaves and the early air’s little coolness. Your Pixel Watch can now recognize that it is a lovely time of year. Wait a tick, this is a different fall that we’re discussing.

As of right now, the new fall detection tool is intended to connect accident victims who require assistance with emergency services. I sincerely hope that no one experiences this, but let’s imagine that you slip and tumble down a flight of stairs and end up hurt.

If fall prevention If you react appropriately, someone will ask you on your watch if you’re Alright or if you need help. You can reach emergency services (a live operator) directly from the watch if you need assistance. Help will be sent out automatically if you don’t react at all. Please be aware that the call functionality is only available if your phone is paired with a 4G LTE model and is nearby.

Users can enable fall detection on the Watch companion app’s ‘Updates’ page or directly on the Pixel Watch in the Personalize menu.

The testing of this feature is also covered by Google, who notes that the Pixel Watch should be very judicious in its inquiries into whether or not you’ve fallen. For instance, the company claims there is no need to be concerned if you engage in CrossFit or any activity that occasionally involves violent or aggressive motions.

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