Drew Barrymore is reassured by Pink It’s OK for parents to lack knowledge about their tasks


Although we may always learn from our errors, how can we stop children from committing the same ones? During a section of her show on February 27 with special guest and mother of two Pink, Drew Barrymore had this thought on the back of her mind. “What can I tell myself when I’m worried that some of the things I did will be repeated by my kids?” Barrymore questioned the performer, alluding to her own trying history. Pink answered, “I mean, we succeeded. Why did we succeed? We made awful choices.”

Pink kept going: “The kids are going to be OK. We have frank discussions about life, they can borrow part of our expertise, and they’re going to buy their own.” For her family, which also consists of her son Jameson, 6, and daughter Willow, 11.The real challenge for Willow and her 6-year-old son Jameson has been finding a way to strike a balance between childlike kindness and the harsh realities of reality.

She continued, “I’m trying to walk the line between like, I want you to have a childhood, I want to keep part of your innocence, but I also know that you need to be prepared for the world that we live in. “These children are participating in active shooter drills at school, not to be a downer. They must be ready since this is the world we live in. So we visit Disneyland, indulge in ice cream, and discuss our emotions.”

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