Dad Hears His 2-Week-Old Baby Cry Out In Pain. That’s When He Sees What The Nanny Is Doing To Her

A nanny in New York has been arrested on assault charges after being caught attacking a small 2-week-old baby.
According to PIX 11, Nassau County Police arrested 57-year-old Stacy Sakeran after she was caught beating a newborn baby.
Police say the baby’s father heard his infant crying out in pain around 1:40 a.m. and decided to check the footage from a camera that was in the little girl’s bedroom.

To his shock and horror, his daughter’s new nanny, Sakeran, was allegedly seen on the camera hitting the baby.
According to police, Sakeran had struck the baby with an open hand several times, and she was finally arrested around 4:10 a.m. on Friday.
Police have since revealed that Sakeran actually hit the 2-week-old baby on at least two occasions, but they have not divulged any further details.

At this time, Sakeran has been charged with two counts of assault and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.
PIX 11 has since shared this jaw-dropping on Facebook, where dozens of people expressed outrage over what Sakeran had done, while others actually blamed the parents.

“Parents need to watch closely who they hire. Check backgrounds and no matter what have cameras around. Never trust anyone with your child. So sad and would love to see her beat down badly,” one commenter wrote.

“That’s why only my husband and i stood with our daughters! i work days he works nights. until they were old enough to go to school. sacrifices!! F that! i would kill this B!” another added.

“Used to be a time parents took care of their own kids or had family help. Have these people be with their kids more often than they are. Maybe this teach a lesson to take care of your kids yoursekfc,” another commenter wrote, adding, “Well they need to figure something out. Why choose to have kids if you’re going to hire just anybody. I see all these women being a nanny that have no business being a nanny that have no experience around kids. They don’t know how to speak to kids or how to act around them.

They push these small children on swings that are being pushed too hard or high& the kids look frightened & these nannies say the kids like it. They make these small children walk long distances & tell them to stop complaining & continue on. If they’re at all tired or hungry, they’re ridiculed. Only a small number of women have a clue what to do & the ones that are decent are themselves not treated well.”

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