Custom wallpapers, shareable folders, and more added to Telegram


Folks, the Telegram just received a major upgrade. I count at least six noteworthy improvements, if not more. And because this is Telegram, we all receive the update simultaneously (today) as opposed to waiting for it to arrive on the annoyingly sluggish rollout schedule from other more well-known players in the app development industry.

Custom wallpaper comes first! The most recent version of Telegram allows you to customize the background image for each chat. In a chat, all you have to do is press the 3-dot button, followed by “Set Wallpaper.” The UI will provide a “Choose wallpaper from gallery” button or allow you select from pre-installed themes. This option accesses your device’s gallery so you can choose from photographs there.

After selecting an image, you can edit it by changing various settings (such as exposure and contrast), cropping it, adding marks, and then blurring, dimming, or adding motion. If you want to liven up a conversation with someone, it’s really simple to execute and extremely sophisticated.

Next, shareable conversation folders have been added to Telegram. Although the term is a little confusing, you can basically create a folder containing invite links to various channels or chats and send out invitations to everyone in it. Your friend can easily join with only a tap. This might be useful for those of you who frequently participate in several Telegram public channels or groups.

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