Boy dies after being swept away by floodwater, after celebrating 11th birthday with twin brother

You never know when tragedy will strike. It is immensely heartbreaking to learn about a young death. And the impact a young death leaves on the family is lifelong.

Young Alexander “Cade” Law has left behind a big hole in not only his family but his community in general.

Alexander “Cade” Law was living with his family in Bentonville, Arkansas. The little boy was born in Johnson, with his twin brother Chandler Law. The duo had just begun 5th grade at Ruth Barker Middle School and were incredibly excited about what the new school year would bring.

Cade loved living life and was interested in a plethora of things. He loved playing video games, roller skating, watching movies, and collecting Pokemon cards. He had many interests and was never bored.

Chandler and Cade were best friends who were inseparable. As a baby, Cade had his fair share of trials. The little boy had to have two brain surgeries and multiple hospitalizations even before he could walk. But Cade was a fighter and he persevered.

The family had already been through so much and were finally in a phase of their lives where they were hopeful for the future and at last in a place of being able to rest without any worries.


Little did they know, the biggest heartbreak they would ever have to go through was just around the corner…

It was a typical rainy August day in 2022 when both Cade and Chandler were playing in the rain as most children do with their best friend Meg and his mother. The kids made paper boats and were racing them in the rainwater.

The twins‘ mother Chrissy Law remembers there wasn’t a lot of water on the ground and no one suspected any issues to befall them. But no one was aware of an open sewer drain at the end of the field.

When the children came upon the open sewer drain, they noticed a whirlpool effect. The curious children gathered some wood chips and threw them into the swirling water.

At this point, it was narrated by those there, that Cade reached in to grab one of the woodchips and was instead swept up by the water instead. Chandler tried to grab hold of his brother but the current of the water was far too strong.

At this point, their friend Meg’s mother jumped in to try and save the 11-year-old but was swept in herself.

On Monday, the 29th of August, young Cade passed away leaving behind his family and friends in heartbreak. As for Meg’s mother, Chrissy Law shares that she remains on life support at a hospital.

Chrissy said, “She is a true hero. It gives me comfort to know that my baby was not down there alone. Please keep her family in your thoughts. We are all hoping for a miracle.”

Young Cade had just turned 11 years old a few months ago, celebrating the birthday with his best friend and twin brother, Chandler Law.

The family created a GoFundMe page to help pay for end-of-life expenses for young Cade, in it thanking first responders who tried their best to rescue Cade alive but were only able to bring his body back.

The family aimed to raise $25,000 but the donations totaled almost $40,000 instead.

The family is still reeling from this tremendous loss. Chrissy narrated her feelings in a Facebook post, saying, “I can not even describe this pain. I can not even imagine how life will go on without him. I can not imagine Chandler without his twin. He was so very amazing. And loved so very much.”

Local Bentonville Deputy Fire Chief Kevin Boydston and Deputy Director of transportation for the city Dan Weese also shared condolences for the family’s loss and advised residents to be careful during heavy rains and flash flooding. The advice for children to not play in the rain was also given.

While the family navigates this tremendous loss, our hearts go out to them. We hope and pray they are able to move on from this incredible tragedy and ask you to do the same.

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