As of today, Google Fi is now known as Google Fi Wireless


We usually appreciate unexpected Google Fi news around here, and today is no exception. Google revealed that Google Fi has a new name, a few slightly modified plan options, a seven-day risk-free trial period, and a redesigned app experience are all coming. Woohoo!

Google Fi Wireless is now known as Google Fi. Easy enough. It makes a lot more sense, in my opinion, than Google Fi, which always made me think of broadband, a fiber connection, or anything like. Clarifying the situation by adding the word “Wireless” makes it clearer what Google is giving.

With the change in name out of the way, the most crucial adjustment is to the Simply Unlimited plan. On Google, thereselling this plan for $50 per line, $80 per pair, $75 each trio, and $80 per quartet. Now, everyone pays $80 for 2-4 lines. I suppose that constitutes a pricing increase for people who have three lines?

Despite this, Google is now providing smartwatches with free connectivity “at no additional cost.” If you forget your phone, Google says you can add a Pixel Watch or compatible Samsung watch to help you stay connected. According to what I remember, this was previously just a part of the Plus plan.

You may test out Google Fi Wireless’ network (which is T-Mobile’s network) for free for a week by signing up for the trial. You only need to an eSIM compatible phone. By activating eSIM, you’ll simply test Fi Wireless alongside your other network. Again, Google says this is “risk free.” This sounds a lot like all of the free trials we recently highlighted for you from Verizon, T-Mobile, and Cricket.

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