Apparently I have Been Putting Band Aids On Completely Wrong For My Whole Life. I Had No Clue.

What I love about the Crazy Russian Hacker, other than his accent and hilarious attitude, is that he finds solutions for things that are actually useful for most everyone. He targets those little annoyances or problems that always are a bother, and he solves the problem.

There is nothing worse than getting a cut in an awkward place, like the end of your finger that really needs band-aid protection. As you have probably all experienced, certain parts of the body, like this, just doesn’t hold a band-aid; they keep falling off.

Band-aids are made in all shapes and sizes that you would think would cover such issues, but as the Crazy Russian illustrates for us in the video below, people come in different shapes and sizes which sometimes requires a “custom made Band-aid”. Kids and adults, men and women…all have different size needs that this hack provides.

Watch the following footage as he shows us which shape Band-aid works best for customizing your needs, to get maximum coverage and flexibility. He has really come up with a great hack for those “hard to cover areas”.

Let us know if you ever tried this technique!

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