After His Wife Passes Away, A 91-Year-Old Vet Has No One, Suddenly Officer Shows Up With Mystery Box

My grandfather has a long and prosperous life – he passed away, he lived 99 of greatest years any man could. Even though he was happy to live so long, there was one thing that upset him; the fact that he out lived some of the people he held so near and dear to his heart.

These days, its a rarity for people to live in to be 99 or even 100 years old and longer! So the more he got older he watched the ones he loved, such as friends pass away. When he reached the age of 99, his lovely wife died and he didn’t have too many more friends that were his age that were still living. This left him to feel a bit sad and even a sense of loneliness.

That can get lonely, a fact 91-year-old Art can attest. The World War II veteran has lived a full life, but ever since his wife passed away ten years ago he has been a little lonely.

Thankfully for Art, he lives in an area where people care about their neighbors and are willing to go the extra mile to show a little care and kindness.

When the deputies at the Sonoma County Sheriff Department learned that Art could use some company, they took it upon themselves to start making regular visits to his house.

For the past few months, deputies have been knocking on his door every week or two with a pie in hand, ready to spend some time with the elderly gentleman and listen to his stories.

I think when the deputies first decided to do this they thought they would be blessing Art. Little did they know how much they would be blessed in return!

Art is still “sharp as a tack” and enjoys sharing stories about his time as a U.S. Navy Seaman. During the war, he piloted a PT boat in the South Pacific.

Art has also shared stories about his wife, whom he clearly adored. In fact, he has kept her voice on the answering machine so he can still hear her voice every day.

Sometimes Art even treats the deputies to a performance on the organ his wife used to play for him. “He is truly special and he makes our day as much as we make his,” the sheriff’s department said. “Art is a great example of how important it is to check on our neighbors and get to know them. You never know when someone needs a friendly face or a little support.”

This story is a good reminder for all of us. It is easy to go about our days without looking around us and seeing who might be lonely or in need of some extra care.

In a post sharing Art’s story, Frank Somerville of KTVU wrote, “I’m guessing we all know someone like Art. Someone who we could bring pie to. I’m sure it would make their day. It would probably make your day too.”
Hopefully this story will encourage others to look for “Arts” in their communities and take the time to show some love and kindness.
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