Adults called this kitten a monster and refused to get near her. Until a 7-year-old girl arrived and saved her life!

Everyone saw her and heard her howl for help.

14 million people live in Istanbul, Turkey – but no one stopped to help and save her. She was in a bad condition, with a distorted face, and no one wanted to get near her.

People probably called her a ‘monster’ and were afraid to do something about it. Until one day, a 7-year-old girl heard her cry.

The girl found the kitten in a trash can, the kitten was only four weeks old. The girl’s father is a doctor, and they decided to try and save her.

This story of the miracle cat inspired people all over the world to never give up! The little girl’s kindness should put to shame all the countless older people who passed by the cat and did nothing to help her.

The kitten’s ears and mouth were deformed, her tongue was more or less missing, and her face was full of ticks and worms.

They called the cat “Gülümser”, which in Turkish means “The one who always smiles”. Gülümser received drug treatments, medications, food, love, and underwent a facial reconstruction surgery.

She survived and flourished! Look at her now! She is a beautiful cat who lives a happy life. And all thanks to a little girl with a huge heart!

All animals deserve to be loved and cared for. We don’t need a 7-year-old girl to remind us of that.

Adults are supposed to teach children – not the other way around. With children with such a good heart, the world will be a much better place.

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