A Second Look at the Color Options for Pixel 7a


More pictures of Google’s Pixel 7a in all three color variants are emerging as the launch date draws nearer. These colors were really there earlier this month, however this time there aren’t any bothersome watermarks to get in the way. In addition, there may be a previously undiscovered color choice available only through the Google Store.

We are certain that Google will introduce the three colors Carbon Grey, Cotton White, and Arctic Blue. We don’t know what color the Google Store’s special color will be, but we can only hope that it will be either red or green.

What we do know about the Pixel 7a is more than we don’t.

We’re quite sure it will launch with a price of $499, feature wireless charging, come with a 6.1-inch display with a refresh rate of 90Hz, feature a Tensor G2 chipset, and be announced at this year’s Google I/O with a launch likely set for June.

In summary, this is a good looking phone and that 6.1-inch display size is very tempting. This phone will likely feel very nice in hand, so sign me up as someone excited to check it out soon. Who else is ready for a fresh A-series Pixel phone?

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