A man saved a couple of abandoned pit bulls — and then they repaid him

Pit Bulls are associated with vicious and bloodthirsty animals. In fact, much of the behavior of dogs of this breed depends on the conditions in which pets grow, how the owner treats them. Robert McGowan is well aware of what pit bulls are really animals. The man went to the shelter to find suitable dogs for himself. When he saw two almost identical gray pit bulls, he simply could not pass by. The dogs looked very pitiful, it was obvious that they had to go through serious trials. At the shelter, the man was told that pit bulls had a difficult fate. The dogs were not properly cared for, in addition, the owner refused them. 

For any pet, such human behavior is a real betrayal, which is very difficult to survive. Pit bulls are often given to shelters because of the breed’s bad reputation. They are considered very aggressive and untrained animals. This breed is not only often taken to a shelter, but also very rarely taken home. When Robert saw two handsome men with sad faces, he just couldn’t resist. The man loves animals, he didn’t care about the dubious reputation of the breed. He just wanted to save the dogs, who could spend the rest of their lives in the shelter. The man decided to take the dogs home, giving them the names Ladybag and Ellabel. So the pets began a new life. Robert surrounded the dogs with love and care. Pit bulls turned out to be calm and friendly pets. 

They have not been seen in aggressive behavior towards dogs or people. The pets were insanely happy about how their lives had changed. One day they had the opportunity to show their gratitude to the owner… One night Robert went to the garage to take care of his car. Suddenly, the man was attacked by criminals. Four strangers punched Robert in the face, and then got into the car, intending to steal it. The man was not confused, he said that the car keys were in the house. The criminals went to the dwelling, not expecting that there would be dogs inside. Pit bulls immediately realized that something was wrong. They ran out of the open door and started barking and throwing themselves at the intruders, but did not bite them. 

But this behavior of the dogs was enough to drive away the criminals! In this situation, the reputation of pit bulls has served well. The dogs made it clear to the criminals that they would not offend their owner. Pit bulls are calm exactly until they need to protect their man. The man made a video about this story, in which he showed his pets and told what happened to him. Robert says that first he saved the pit bulls, and then they saved him. The man calls for taking dogs in shelters, and not buying from breeders. 

This is how you save lives and get a truly devoted and loving friend. Who better than Robert to know about this! Pit Bulls are loyal and courageous dogs that do not show aggressiveness if you do not provoke them to such behavior. But it is very important to be sure that you can handle such a dog. Since improper upbringing can be dangerous not only for the owner, but also for others. All friends!

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