15 Things New Homeowners Found When They Moved In Their New Homes

Most people would love to build their new home from the ground up but not many have that opportunity. Still, it would be nice to buy a big house with plenty of space even if it is someone else’s design. Apart from some remodeling, your new home could offer more than expected. On some occasions, people find the most unusual things soon after they move in their new homes. There is no telling what the previous owners might have done to it and we love it when the surprises they left are nothing but pleasant.

The list below is full of images revealing the curious finds new homeowners discovered in their property.

1. The wallpaper

We have always believed that the style of the 60s or 70s will never come back which is a shame. It appears that it has a certain vibe that is incomparable to anything else. Just look at this wallpaper someone found under three other layers in their newly-acquired home.

2. Talking about wallpapers, this is amazing

Sometimes, people do the most peculiar things. We guess you can call it peculiar to cover this amazing piece of art with a simple wallpaper. Someone obviously did and the new owner of the same house revealed the mural you see years after it was covered.

3. The milk door

We often think that we have seen it all but it is pictures like this one that proves us wrong. As you can see, this is a tiny milk door. Someone found it in their new apartment under the kitchen cabinets. They were probably shocked to see it but surely loved it, too.

4. The mural

Needless to say, most of the surprising finds in old homes are discovered by accident. This hippie mural was found after the home was severely flooded and needed repairs. We would definitely keep something like this is we happen to find it.

5. The message

There is nothing like a reminder of the good old days and we believe this is what this message intended. The former owners of this home installed cork floors but they did it as a family and decided to leave their mark for the future owners to eventually see. We love the idea!

6. The layers

Well, this is not some hidden treasure or an unusual feature left by the previous owners but it still has a lot to say about the home. It reveals just how many times it has been renovated and repainted. It also looks like some weird piece of art.

7. The drawings

Most of the times you decide to remodel your home, there is a good chance you will find something you never knew existed before. In this case, someone found some really nice drawings under that old and torn wallpaper. We wonder what is there to be found under our wallpapers.

8. The elevator handle

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes, there are plenty of items to be found in an old home. While some are nothing but junk, other things belong to a collection. Someone found this elevator handle in their home and decided to keep it. It is more than 100 years old!

9. The holes

Tom and Jerry are probably the most beloved cartoon characters ever created. Everything about the animated show is perfect and we still watch it whenever we have the chance to! The new owners of this amazing home built in 1741 found holes that resemble Jerry’s house!

10. The vintage feel

Construction sites usually reveal things that have been forgotten for a long time. This image shows a moment of the construction of a building near Times Square. It reveals the advertisement for an old hotel. Looking at these prices made us dream of living back then instead of now.

11. The back door handle

Image Source: Reddit

The small details around a home matter and they can of great significance for its overall looks. However, these details are often unnoticed for many years. One person took this photo of their back door handle after realizing it is a spoon and not a real handle!

12. The dungeon

Image Source: Imgur

How would you react if a friend told you that they discovered a dungeon and some secret corridors beneath their newly-rented place? That’s right, you would probably not believe it or you would be excited. This person could not believe their luck as well

13. The picture

Image Source: Reddit

Someone was lucky enough to find this in their basement when they decided to renovate it. It is always curious to see such things and we bet the new owner thought who drew this piece of art, and when.

14. The chain

Image Source: Reddit

Part of the things people find in their homes is borderline creepy and this is no exception. As you can see, someone found a huge chain hanging behind the wall they decided to renovate. We would never touch that.

15. The bath

Image Source: Youtube

Finding a bath under your living room floor seems to be impossible but these images beg to differ! You can clearly see how happy this person is with the new find! The bath looks awesome and we would keep it, too!

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