13-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth When She Put Her Daughter In Her Lap The Unexpected Happened

I just kind of brushed it off because I was hoping that it wasn’t true. Denying it made it feel like it wasn’t real. I just was too scared because I had also had irregular periods before, so I was also thinking maybe that’s what’s happening again. Normally I would have told my mom, but she’s my best friend, but at that moment I didn’t tell my mum because I was so scared and I didn’t want to disappoint her. After her mum told her what the doctor said, the 13 year old had a mental breakdown and burst into tears.

She thought her mum was going to be very angry with her, so she kept apologizing to her. However, unlike what Maddie expected, her mother responded differently. She said to me, Maddie, don’t cry. It’s happened already and we cannot change the past. We just have to embrace the future.

You’ve made your mistake, but I also love babies. Together we’ll get through this. You are a strong girl and you will be fine. Her mom’s support was exactly what Maddie needed. She stated that although her mum was unhappy about the situation, her mother’s reaction made her feel more relaxed and gave her the strength to handle the difficult period.

For the next few weeks, no one knew Maddie was pregnant. Only her mum, two of her friends, and her stepdad knew she was carrying a baby. But this was because she was very skinny and it took some time before her stomach started to show. When Maddie told her ex boyfriend that she was pregnant, he had pretty much the same reaction she did. Isaac thought she was joking and he didn’t believe it until it was confirmed by Maddie’s mom.

After twelve weeks of gestation, the mother to be had her first ultrasound. Maddie States that this was an important moment that changed everything for her. Seeing her baby sonogram made her realize that this was meant to be and that’s when she was excited to be a mother. However, Maddie’s pregnancy was a bit difficult. Her morning sickness was so severe that she couldn’t eat.

This is why she was so skinny and it also affected her baby, she said. When I had my ultrasound, I remember hearing my baby’s heartbeat. It was so cute and sounded like ocean waves. The next moment after that was very troubling. I was told there were complications because I wasn’t eating very much.

The baby’s weight was low. She was weighing low for several weeks. It became worse when I was told that she had a heart issue. The sonogram person said there was an abnormality, so I had to see a specialist. She went to the specialist for two reasons because her baby was not big enough and the supposed heart issue.

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