Firefighter Tells Wife He Delivered Baby At Work And Says He’s Bringing Her Home

Fate works in mysterious ways.

Marc and Beth Hadden have two sons, Parker and Wil.

They wanted more, but doctors said they wouldn’t be able to conceive anymore.

The couple, who live in South Carolina, knew that adoption was the route they would take to get another child.

Marc is a part-time police officer and firefighter in Myrtle Beach – and here is where fate stepped in.

Marc and his fellow firefighters were called to an emergency, a woman was in labor.

Marc delivered her baby because there wasn’t time to transport her to the hospital.

The joy Marc felt had to be shared, and he called his wife soon after to tell her what happened.

Later, Marc learned that the baby, named Grace, was put up for adoption. Her name was Grace.

Then two days later, well, you can watch the video and see what happened for yourself!

Take a look!

This is incredible, isn’t it?

I love how life works out for people, and I’m happy Grace is home now!

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