Thug Attempts To Carjack 3 People At Gunpoint, Then Realizes Who They Are

Some thieves are not really all that bright. Take Angelo Martinez, 21, for example.

Martinez was arrested in Albuquerque, New Mexico after attempting to carjack three football players.

Ok, so one guy decided to take on three other guys – and the just so happened to be football players.

It wasn’t as if Martinez had no idea they were football players either, the players were leaving practice from Loma Linda Community Center when Martinez approached them and asked for a ride.

The players agreed to give him a lift – and that is when Martinez pulled out his gun!

The football players didn’t use their brawn to overpower Martinez.

thug and football players
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Instead, one of the players asked if he could have his phone!

Like an idiot, Martinez agreed! Okay, this is the point when the players used their brawn!

They all tackled Martinez and kept him on the ground until the police arrived!

It was then that they discovered that the gun Martinez had was a fake!

Look at Martinez’s face! Not only did he get tackled, but he also got the spit kicked out of him!

thug and football players
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Some readers posted comments saying that Martinez got what he deserved!

Others are saying he probably learned his lesson and won’t be doing anything that stupid again.

Bottom line – don’t try to car jack three football players with a fake gun! Duh!

Better yet, get a job and buy your own car and stay out of jail!

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