They ignored their father, but he taught them an important lesson…

Today, old people are used to being considered stragglers from life. In fact, they are often the ones who pull the family out of the «quagmire» of lies and alienation and see the world for real. The owner of one of the mansions near Moscow finally lured her father to her. He lived for a long time in an old house on the edge of the country. He gave all the money sent by his daughter to the needs of the village, and the amenities in the house were on the street, and remained.

There was no heating or sewerage. Finally, the woman managed to transport her father to the Moscow region. Here she was confident in high-quality medicine and was glad that her father would live in better conditions. Together with her, only her son, daughter and several maids lived in the three-story «palace». With the arrival of his father, his brother began to visit more often. There was more than enough space.

But my father got bored. And one day, at a Sunday lunch, something happened that changed their future lives in many ways. By two o’clock in the afternoon, all family members began to gather in the dining room of the mansion. The hostess of the house drove up, handing out the last instructions on the phone to her subordinates for tomorrow. She raised her hand in greeting to her father.

The youngest grandson came down from his room, whose vatsapp «tinkled» every 2 minutes. The eldest grandson drove up with a girl. Nodding to their grandfather, they went into the dining room. Finally, the son arrived and walked past his father, discussing quotes on the stock exchange on the phone. Everyone gathered at the same table and, while waiting for lunch to be served, enthusiastically buried themselves in gadgets.

No one seemed to notice my father, who was sitting at the head of the table, and neither did each other. The old man picked up the knife and fork lying next to the plate and calmly threw them on the floor. There was a sharp metallic sound, from which all those present shuddered and turned their eyes to their father and grandfather. He spoke slowly, calmly and clearly, but every word seemed to be hammered into the relatives present: «I see you all suddenly woke up.

I am very happy. I want to believe that it will be even better in the future. Take a look! We are one family, but we seem to be a group of strangers randomly gathered at the same table! Each of you is buried in your phone and talking to a stranger who may be hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away from you. He is not really interested in your thoughts, feelings and, moreover, problems. He can tell you any «fairy tale» to ask for virtual friends or just spend time in the game. At the same time, you do not see those who are nearby!

And close people are sitting at the same table with you. Remember, earlier, when you came – we all gathered together at the table, joked, chatted, played, talked about what we had read, learned or made. Now your eyes are in the phones, and empty, soulless bodies remain at the table. Everything is postponed for later. And suddenly there are problems. Here, the vast majority of online friends instantly disappear on the horizon, but relatives and relatives remain.

It’s even scarier when parents leave forever and there is a terrible devastation from not having had time and not finishing! Think about it!» There was silence at the table, then the son stood up. He took a wooden box from the bedside table, opened it, put his phone there. Then he approached his sister, her children and a girl who came to visit with her nephew. He said one word to each of them: «Phone». And he held out an open casket. Finally, 5 chic, ultramodern devices gathered in it.

The son said, «Each of us will get a phone at the end of lunch. In the meantime, so they don’t get in the way, I’ll take them to the car.» Upon his return, the son hugged his father and said: «Forgive us all! We love you very much.» The old man was shocked and pleased. After all, he raised real, worthy children! He replied: «This is the act of real, living people. I thank you for that. And now let’s just chat and tell each other what interesting things we’ve learned this week! And we will always gather like this.»

The hostess of the house remembered how, as a child, her father always told them something funny at the table or made riddles. They asked him to tell his interesting story now. Then the son remembered how they steamed in the bath with Chinese partners. After that, the youngest grandson suddenly said that he was tired of the city and would like to live in the country. And there were many more «later» when members of the same family laughed, played or argued, but were happy.

And the phones in the car were ringing and receiving messages. But those were strangers and minor issues that could wait until the family was resting. The father taught everyone a lesson, after which they felt like living representatives of a huge Genus, and not prefixes to modern gadgets. That’s all friends, and what do you think about this story. Do gadgets really deprive us of live communication?

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