Cops Notices 92-Year-Old Woman Making A Scene; Cop Grabs Her And The Unexpected Happens

A Minnesota police officer noticed an elderly woman alone making a scene. So when she sees this, she knew she had to make a move.

This strange moment was not anything Sergeant Lenz may have expected, but being a part of the Austin Police Department, she was ready for whatever surprising moment came her way.

The police officer knew she had to take action. It was for everyone’s benefit.

Millie, all alone in the parking lot, seemed to have things totally covered, but Sergeant Lenz deemed otherwise. Millie, 92, was standing alone close to her car when a cop pulled over and stepped out of their patrol vehicle.

This was a moment they will both have ingrained in their minds forever. It’s one you have to see for yourself.

In a serious attempt to help Millie out, Sergeant Lenz walked right up to her, but not without turning on the radio. Priceless moments like these call for action music in the background.

It was now Millie’s turn to be surprised. Instead of just the elderly woman Millie making a scene, Sergeant Lenz was now a part of it!

Anyone who was around them had to be totally shocked! If you’ve ever witnessed a police officer handle a situation, Sergeant Lenz’s way of addressing this one will soon have you realizing that though police officers are always there to help out, they might have slightly different ways of going about it.

Each and every person is unique in their own way, and Sergeant Lenz’s personality truly shines through in this moment. Action unfolds the moment these two meet face to face.

Millie took notice of Sergeant Lenz, yet was unwilling to stop what she’s doing. …and the rest is history. These two are an absolute hoot to watch.

Watch what awesome moment takes place between these two when Sergeant Lenz decides to join in Millie’s shenanigans in the shocking video below.

You have to check them out and see what they’re up to. What a blessing this officer was to Millie that day!

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