This Boy Felt Sick And Doctors Thought He Just Had A Bad Cold. Then They Noticed THIS

This is a cautionary tale for all parents, grandparents and any childcare giver. When we have kids we are careful to childproof our homes, hoping to safeguard our children from getting into anything harmful. Children fill our lives with so much love; the downside of loving someone so much is the fear that anything could hurt them.

The Rauch family tragically discovered that there is no way to avoid all risk of danger despite the fact that they had tried to do so. Four years ago, their then 1-year-old son Emmett, became ill with what they initially thought was a bad cold.

Strangely his condition kept getting worse until this sweet little boy ended up in critical condition fighting for his life. The video you are about to watch below was made by Emmett’s parents so that they could make other parents aware of a little known danger that lurks in remote controls and other electronics.

They never thought twice about their little boy playing with the remote control until the unthinkable happened; he swallowed a small button-like lithium battery after he easily removed the back of the TV remote. They want to share this danger with everyone, as Emmett nearly lost his life from this tragic accident.

Emmett’s condition went from cold-like symptoms to a high fever and lethargy that led his parents to bring him to the ER. An x-ray revealed the swallowed battery which had leaked acid, severely damaging Emmett’s esophagus and digestive tract.

This courageous little boy has survived 65 surgeries in the past four years; his condition has improved greatly, but as you will hear his mom discuss in this video, Emmett will have a lifetime of physical problems, due to the damage suffered from the battery.

The Rauch’s have told their story in this video, in the hopes that it will be shared with many people and perhaps save a child’s life. That is also why they started an organization, “Emmett’s fight”, to help raise awareness of the danger that lurks in these tiny button-like batteries, that are so attractive to a curious young child.


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