Sick Couple’s Hidden Secret Discovered; Cops Horrified To See What Was Revealed

A sick couple hid a secret from the world that they thought they would be able to keep hidden forever. But their secret has been revealed and when you read about this, it will disturb you!

When cops arrived to the scene, they were totally horrified to see what this couple had held in a makeshift cage in their apartment – and now, the depraved duo is getting what they deserve.

Haley Trantham, 23, and her boyfriend Vincent Lee II, 28, have been living together in an apartment at Ivy Ridge Apartment Drive in Mars Hill. Thinking they had derived the perfect plan to live a life with little responsibility, they had no clue what was coming when an anonymous person grew concerned and called the police.

Officers from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office immediately responded. As they searched the apartment, they were horrified to find a 19-month-old toddler, who would later be identified as Lyam, confined in a makeshift cage made out of “a crib with a mattress placed on top of it,” according to WLOS. Unfortunately, that’s not even the worst part.

After the officers freed the toddler, they immediately sought medical treatment for him. During their investigation, detectives would learn that the innocent child had been confined to the cage for “23 hours a day and fed only small amounts of food,” according to Inside Edition.

Trantham and Lee have both been arrested and charged with two counts of child abuse, each. In addition, Trantham was also charged with possession of marijuana. They are both being held at Madison County Detention Facility on $20,000 secured bond. As for Lyam, he is staying with his father, Dashawn Perry, who has been temporarily granted full custody.

There’s no telling how terrified this innocent toddler felt while in the care of his mother and her boyfriend. I don’t care who you are, you know that children need to be cared for – especially at such a young age. He was completely and utterly helpless, dependent on his mother’s love and nurturing ability, which clearly was absent.

I can’t imagine what his father is feeling, knowing that his son was held captive and starved by his own mother for so long. One can only wonder if he was the anonymous caller who tipped off authorities.

Clearly, this mother knew what she was doing was wrong, as she kept it a secret. Thankfully, someone, who heard rumors about what was going on or noticed that the young boy was never seen with the couple, was able to report it and potentially save the boy’s life.

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