Senior man plays piano and gets a secret visit from boogie-woogie master

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote, ‘Music is the universal language of mankind.’ That has never been more true than in this video featuring an unknown older gentleman and Brendan Kavanagh, also known as ‘Dr. K.’

The older man is playing the piano by himself at a train station. He draws some attention from the people passing by, but he’s content to just play the instrument.

Out of nowhere, Brendan Kavanagh shows up and starts jamming with the man. Brendan, also known as ‘Dr. K.’ starts laying down some boogie-woogie piano style with the other man.

Brendan jams on the keyboard while standing next to the seated gentleman. Eventually, Brendan sits down to his left and adds the bassline for the songs. They played together for over 5 minutes.

More and more people stop to listen to the loud, boisterous piano duet in the middle of a station. Cellphones are used to film the event, which now has millions and millions of views.

Two strangers meet at a lonely piano and, without saying a word, begin playing music in a way that is like magic. In between songs, Brendan asks the man if he knows specific tunes, and they continue jamming.

This isn’t the first time Brendan has done this type of thing. He is all over the internet, jumping in while people play pianos at train stations and shopping malls. He joins anyone he can find to make music and have fun.

Brendan has a Ph. D. in English, which explains his nickname, ‘Dr. K.’ He is a British piano teacher of Irish descent. He loves to play and teach ‘boogie-woogie’ piano style. The genre features heavy improvisation, and Brendan can be seen making up melodies and riffs with the gentleman throughout this video.

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