Mom Wins $150,000 In Child Support From Ex-Husband 50 Years After They Got Divorced

Among many households of married couples who have children, one of the spouses doesn’t work as much as the other in order to take care of their kids.

In a fair share of such cases, one of the spouses doesn’t work at all to be the parent that their kids need.

In such cases, one spouse earns substantially more money than their other, if not earning all the money reeled into the household.

Child support is a legal judgment often enacted during divorce proceedings in which the spouse who earned the most money is responsible for paying for all of a major portion of their children’s expenses.

Sometimes, these payments can be ridiculous. However, the legal proceedings surrounding child support and custody issues can be even more absurd.

Take a San Diego woman who recently filed for roughly $150,000 in child support that was supposed to be paid by her former husband following their divorce.

The filing came some 40 years after a judge ruled her husband to pay her monthly payments for child support. Isn’t that just crazy?

Here’s how it all started for Toni Anderson

Toni Anderson, who is currently 74, was divorced from her husband in the 1970s.

According to Toni, her former beau skipped the Canadian border and took residence there to keep from being forced to fork over child support payments.

He was supposed to pay $160 per month to Toni. He would never be forced to pay the monthly sum unless he came back to the States.

He recently came back to the United States, specifically his former residence of California.

Since there’s no statute of limitations regarding child support back payment, he’s now on the hook for upwards of $170,000 as a result of countless years of compounding interest.

Toni’s daughter, now 52 years of age, will be getting money from the back payments. Lucky her!

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